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Appeals and judicial review proceedings require specialized experience and skills that will persuade an appellate court to either uphold or overturn a lower court or tribunal decision.

Our record in appeals and judicial review speaks for itself: our lawyers have successfully represented clients in courts across Canada, including in the Supreme Court of Canada, and have been counsel in a number of precedent-setting appellate court decisions.  A number of our lawyers have experience working as judicial law clerks, which has provided a unique insight into the inner workings of the courts and the judicial decision-making process that allows us to better serve your interests.

If you are faced with a complex or challenging appeal, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to develop a persuasive theory of the case that will persuade appellate courts. Combine that with our skill in preparing and arguing a case, and you will find that we have all the skills necessary to give you every opportunity to succeed in your appeal.

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Resolving commercial and contractual disputes for businesses, whether large or small, is a core practice area for our litigators. We have experience spanning a wide range of industries and types of disputes affecting businesses including contract, property, shareholder disputes, insolvency and restructuring, business torts and cross-border litigation.

We work hard to understand our client’s business goals. That includes understanding that it is often in a client’s best interests to maintain working relationships with business partners and avoid litigation if possible. Our lawyers are experienced in all forms of dispute resolution, including negotiating practical and creative solutions with stakeholders and business partners without the need to commence litigation.

However, there are times when disputes cannot be resolved out of court. In those cases, our litigators’ experience and the strategic advice we can provide to our clients will assist you in achieving practical and cost-effective resolutions in arbitration and litigation matters.

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The well known jurist, Dean William Prosser observed, “[T]here is perhaps no more impenetrable jungle in the entire law than that which surrounds the word ‘nuisance’.”  The law of private nuisance protects owners from substantial and unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of their land. Claims in nuisance often arise in the context of environmental liability and interference with access. The lawyers at Rayman Harris LLP have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate through this area of law.

One of the most recent and influential pronouncements on the law of nuisance in Canada is the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Antrim v. Ontario.  Shane Rayman was senior counsel for the successful Appellant in this matter.  Through this experience, and by representing clients in other matters involving claims for nuisance and environmental damage, Rayman Harris has developed considerable experience and understanding in this complex area of law.  Rayman Harris LLP applies this understanding to simplify such difficult claims, and achieve favorable resolutions for its clients.

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The delivery of professional services to clients can give rise to allegations of negligence for a breach of professional duties, and can also lead to disciplinary proceedings before a professional regulatory body.

Our litigators have extensive experience prosecuting and defending professional negligence claims and representing professionals in disciplinary proceedings. We regularly act in the courts and before a wide range of administrative and regulatory bodies on behalf of accountants, appraisers, auditors, architects, dentists, engineers, financial advisors, lawyers, paralegals, realtors and other professionals facing complaints, investigations or disciplinary proceedings that allege professional misconduct or the breach of professional standards.

Our extensive experience with professional liability and regulation allows us to advise clients on the most effective strategies and processes to achieve their goals.

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Public and administrative law is an area where government agencies and the public collide. This area deals with the decision-making powers of administrative agencies, boards, commissions or tribunals that are part of a legislative or regulatory scheme.

The role of administrative tribunals as quasi-judicial decision-makers is expanding rapidly in response to increased delay, cost and complexity in the court system. As a result, the administrative system is exerting more and more power over the public and over regulated professions whose interests collide with those of a federal or provincial agency.

Our lawyers regularly represent clients before a wide range of public boards, commissions and administrative tribunals and in judicial review or appeals of those tribunal decisions. We can assist you or your business in making the best possible case before an administrative tribunal, and in making sure that you are afforded a full and procedurally fair hearing of your case, whether in person or on paper.

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Disputes over real property rights raise complex and challenging issues.  These cases require skill and expertise in both litigation and property law.  The lawyers of Rayman Harris LLP have the experience and knowledge to be successful in complex real property litigation.  They have represented clients involved in disputes between private property owners, as well as litigation between property owners and government.

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