Liberty in the Time of COVID-19: Belated Longing for Compensation That May Never Arrive (2020, Ontario Expropriations Association 2020 Spring Conference)

By: Shane Rayman and  Conner Harris 

Shergar: Redefining Expropriation Costs (2019, Ontario Expropriations Association 2019 Fall Conference)

By: Shane Rayman and  Sarah Spitz 

Legal Privilege and Its Application to Appraisers (2018)

By: Shane Rayman and  Conner Harris 

Hearing of Necessity – An Overview (2018, Ontario Bar Association Presentation)

By: Shane Rayman and  David Campbell

Sections 41 and 42 of the Expropriations Act: The Abandonment and Disposition of Expropriated Lands (2016)

By: Shane Rayman and Conner Harris

Municipal Powers of Expropriation and Private Development

By: Shane Rayman and Conner Harris

Navigating the Jungle: Private Nuisance and Renewable Energy Projects (2015, Journal of Environmental Law and Practice 27:3)

By: Shane Rayman and Janet Lunau

Controlling “Reasonable” Costs in Expropriation Proceedings (2014)

By: Shane Rayman and Ashley Metallo

New Trends in Expropriation – Avoiding Expropriation (2011, International Right of Way Association Spring Conference)

By: Shane Rayman and Guillaume Lavictoire

The Evolving Obligations of an Expert Witness (2009, Ontario Expropriation Association Fall Seminar)

By: Shane Rayman

Tax Implications of Expropriation (2008, Canadian Tax Journal 56:4)

By: Shane Rayman and Adam Scherer

The Private Nature of Necessity Hearings and Inquiry Officer Reports: An Oddity in the Ontario Expropriation Legislation (2007)

By: Shane Rayman and Matthew Owen-King 

Legal Privilege and its Application to Appraisers (2007)

By: Shane Rayman

Large Scale Expropriations and Reverberative Effects (2006, International Right of Way Association Joint Seminar)

By: Shane Rayman

Private Rights, Public Good: Balancing Competing Interests under Expropriations Law (2006)

By: Shane Rayman, Paul B. Scargall and Shara N. Wright

Threatened Expropriation and Blight: Valuation Issues (2004, Ontario Expropriation Association Fall Seminar)

By: Shane Rayman 

Expropriation: An Initial Perspective

By: Shane Rayman